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Break free from IBS struggles: Rediscover Joy

Living with IBS can feel like an uphill battle, but there is hope. Our online course offers solutions and a pathway to reclaiming control of your health. In this course, you will get:

‚úst29 recorded lessons by a Monash University IBS trained dietitian, a clinical psychologist and a gut-directed fitness expert
‚úď Over 100 gut friendly & Low Fodmap recipes¬†
‚úst10+¬†gut directed yoga & guided meditations for pain relief
‚úď 20¬†downloadable tools and hacks
‚ústLifetime access and 7-day money back guaranteed (no questions asked!)

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Beat IBS now!

Lifetime access
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Expert-Led Content
by Monash University
Trained Dietitian

Learning 100% Online!

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Sick & tired
of IBS keeping you sick & tired?

You are trapped in a cycle of...

  • Persistent bloating and constant abdominal discomfort, making pain your new companion.
  • Overwhelmed, stressed, and perpetually fatigued, social events spark anxiety instead of joy, leaving you feeling isolated.

  • Encountering relentless flare-ups that seem never-ending, leading to the belief that this is your only reality.

  • Navigating a life where sick days pile up as your symptoms persist outside the restroom, infiltrating every facet of your world.

  • Struggling to balance the demands of work, relationships, and obligations‚ÄĒall feeling¬†overwhelming due to the unpredictability of flare-ups and discomfort.

You are not alone.
There is good news, we "gut" your back

5 to 10% of the world population suffer from IBS.
That's roughly 635 million of affected individuals.

If you are feeling this way, know that we can help. Our online course: Living with IBS Hacks & Tools to Enjoy Life is here to help you navigate life with IBS.

From managing symptoms like bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea and discomfort to seeking relief from unpredictable digestive patterns, we understand these challenges firsthand.

Explore how our course tackles these specific concerns head-on, offering actionable holistic solutions and tools tailored to alleviate your unique IBS struggles.

Discover How

Trusted by...

Gain long lasting relief with 3x expertises combined for a complete mind-body care.

Developed by Monash University Trained Dietitian, Clinical Psychologist, and Gut-directed fitness expert with a combined 20+ years of experience in helping IBS sufferers, our course is your key to regaining life's joys amidst IBS challenges.

Designed with empathy, it's not just a course; it's a lifeline‚ÄĒcrafted to nurture, support, and equip you with the knowledge and tools that will benefit you for a whole lifetime.

It's the holistic answer for IBS warriors, effectively blending nutrition, psychology and gut-directed fitness so you can triumph over the chaos of IBS and rediscover joy in every moment.


I want long lasting relief

Discover the course benefits 

Unlock your IBS freedom and rediscover life's joys.

Expert Guidance

Take the guesswork out of the equation and learn from Monash University Trained Expert Dietitian, a Clinical Psychologist and a Gut-directed Fitness Expert specialising in IBS care.


8 out of 10 IBS warriors taking our course experience a noticeable decrease in both frequency and severity of IBS flare-ups and symptoms such as bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhoea, stress, and anxiety.

in Social Situations

Attain peace of mind and resilience in navigating various social scenarios, from family gatherings to dining out with friends or handling business trips confidently, thanks to our library of behavioural techniques and tools.

Holistic care for your gut, nutrition, fitness and psychology

Master IBS management through a wealth of holistic tools and hacks covering nutrition techniques, recipes, gut-directed fitness, guided meditation, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Hypnotherapy.

I want these benefits

Exclusive sneak peek


A glimpse of this course treasures...

  • IBS management insights: Get an exclusive glimpse into our comprehensive breakdown of IBS‚ÄĒits symptoms, impact, and mental health considerations.

  • Winning healing strategies: Preview evidence-based blueprints designed to reduce symptoms and win over IBS flare-ups effectively.

  • Food Hacks & Management: Sneak a peek at our dietary hacks and food intake management techniques tailored for IBS warriors.

  • Confidence in Social Settings: Explore behavioral techniques and tools aiding navigation through social events with resilience despite IBS challenges.
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Lifetime access
7-day money back

Expert-Led Content
by Monash University
Trained Dietitian

Learning 100% Online!

Your Tempo, Your win
Master IBS
on Your Schedule

What you'll learn

Lifetime knowledge by specialised IBS experts
that will save you years and years of suffering.

Getting to know &
understanding IBS from a specialised expert 

Uncover the intricate details of IBS, from its symptoms and variations to its impact on mental health, empowering you with comprehensive knowledge.

Evidence-based blueprints to reduce symptoms & triumph over flare-ups

Discover proven strategies to identify triggers, manage stress, and navigate flare-ups effectively, granting you triumph over IBS challenges.

Food intake management
dietary hacks for IBS warriors

Explore personalised dietary plans and effective management techniques, empowering you to navigate food triggers and embrace a gut-friendly lifestyle.

Holistic techniques
& tools for navigating social events with IBS

Acquire practical tools and strategies to confidently navigate social settings, managing stress and anxiety effectively amidst IBS challenges.

I want relief from my IBS symptoms

Inside the course

A comprehensive overview of our guided plan to help you rediscover the joy of life.
9 modules (incl. 3 bonuses) ‚ÄĘ 29 lessons¬†‚Äʬ†100+ gut-friendly recipes

Voices of triumph

Stories of Liberation from Living with IBS Hacks & Tools to Enjoy Life course's participants.


Before this course, I felt lost in the whirlwind of IBS. The personalised guidance and expert-led approach provided a lifeline. I learned to pinpoint triggers, resulting in fewer flare-ups. Now, I'm back at family dinners, enjoying moments I'd missed due to constant discomfort.


The course helped me understand my gut better. With evidence-based strategies, I managed symptoms effectively. No more endless sick days! I now tackle business trips without anxiety, thanks to tools for social events‚ÄĒtruly life-changing.


I was apprehensive, but the dietary hacks were a game-changer! Less bloating and stress means I confidently eat out with friends. The holistic approach and gut-directed fitness improved my overall well-being. I'm back in control, living life to the fullest.

Meet Kristina, the creator

Head of Dietetics & Medical Affairs

A licensed Dietitian with over 10 years of experience helping individuals battling digestive discomfort regain their well being. 
She is a graduate from:

  • Nutrition and Dietetics Academy Leadership Institute (USA)
  • Monash University Trained Dietitian (Australia)
  • GI Institute: Trained in IBS Management and the Low FODMAP Diet (Australia)
  • Lithunian University of Health Sciences: holds a Master degree in¬†Public health - Food safety and human nutrition from.

She is also a Lecturer at Vilnius University of applied sciences and the compassionate force behind our Dietetics & Medical Affairs team.

In recent years, she has witnessed a global gut health crisis. Every day, she encounters more and more individuals whose well-being is deeply affected by digestive issues, particularly with IBS.

She has made it her mission to help those affected through's holistic gut care programs and courses. 

The Value-packed pricing of the Living with IBS: Hacks & Tools to Enjoy Life course

Your journey to liberation begins with a single, affordable step ‚Äď seize this opportunity to reclaim control over your relationship with IBS and bid farewell to digestive struggles.

Invest in Your Digestive Freedom


7-day money back guaranteed (no questions asked !!)

  • 29 recorded lessons¬†by a Monash University IBS trained dietitian, a clinical psychologist and a gut-directed fitness expert (Value 199¬†‚ā¨)
  • Bonus: Over 100 gut friendly & Low Fodmap recipes¬†(Value 69¬†‚ā¨)

  • Bonus: 10+ gut directed yoga sessions for symptoms relief¬†(Value 49¬†‚ā¨)

  • Bonus:¬†10+ guided meditations for pain relief¬†(Value 49¬†‚ā¨)

  • Bonus:¬†20¬†Downloadable tools and hacks (symptoms tracker, flare-up guides etc... ) (Value 29 ‚ā¨)

  • Bonus:¬†Anywhere, anytime, learning 100% online! (Value Lifetime!)

  • Bonus:¬†Lifetime access¬†and¬†7-day money back guaranteed¬†(no questions asked!)

¬† Total value: ‚ā¨395¬†¬†¬†

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Beat IBS now!

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